Pop music

Pop music is a style of music which rated as per the sales in the market and acceptability by the audience in live shows. Pop music cannot be graded to any musical category as it does not follow any set style or trend. It adopts the trend which is the most popular in that particular period. The singer adopts any style that will appeal to the public.

It can be a mixture of different singing styles. The only criteria that they have in mind is public taste and adaptation of the style of the most popular music genre as their popularity in the hierarchy depends on the number of audience they have. It can be called a liberal type of genre.


Pop is the abbreviation, or we can say the synonym, of the phrase popular music. It originated after the World War II when the recording system came out of the hands of the few and could be utilized by the common people. It was categorized and allotted a particular category as late as in 1994. The style of pop music originated from jazz, rock and roll, folk and traditional popular music.

Its cultural origin can be dated back to nineteen fifty in the United States and the United Kingdom. It became popular in other parts of the world in nineteen sixty. The instruments that are typically used are Bass guitar, synthesizer, electric guitar, drum kit, keyboard, vocals, drum machine, sequencer and sampler.


Pop style is a haphazard merger of style of all types of popular music. It picks up the popular style of the period and brings in changes which will be appreciated and accepted by the common public as it is based on the criteria that music should be enjoyed by all the people whether they have the basic knowledge of music or not.

So it is an amalgamation of all the music styles that have been popular in different period of time. The beginning period shows the crossover to the vocals from instruments which was the standard form of the country music. Then American folk music was incorporated with a touch of modern music.

Later on Rock and Roll style entered the scene and that style was also included and amalgamated in the pop music. Latin music was also adopted and then came the latest trend which is popular till date. That style was the novelty song which was based on comedy, humor and easy lyrics which can be understood easily by everybody.

Popularity and Great Artists

Pop music has gained popularity from the day of its advent as it is based on the concept of fun and creating an atmosphere where the listener's spirits are raised to the highest limits. Its popularity has increased day by day as the music is all about the creativity of the artist and the style that encompasses different moods.

There are many famous artists who have ruled the world with pop music. In the eighties the world was rocked by the pop group who presented their song "We are the world" which is on the lips of many even today. In the present days we have great artists like Madonna, Shania Twain, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and The Spice girls.

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