Rock music

Rock music also known as Rock 'n' Roll is a genre which was developed as a form of rebellion against the prevalent trend in the fifties. It is classified by its vocal melody which is accompanied by the instruments like drum, bass guitar and electric guitar.

As background music occupies a prominent place other instruments like piano, saxophone, harmonica, organ, synthesizer, violin, flute etc. are also included in the band. Instruments like sitar and mandolin are also used.

The main instrument for the background music is guitar which may be used in any one of its form. Rock and Roll is a nautical expression which means the motion which is created by the movement of the ship.


It is believed that Rock originated from the rocking style which the African Americans enjoyed at their spiritual meetings which was accompanied by music in nineteen sixteen. Some believe that it was founded in the fifties by Chuck Berry who played black music. It was immediately accepted by the younger generation as they felt that the music had a rebellious streak.

This appealed to them as the music was in accordance to the rebellious thought which they had in their mind against the conformist. Others believe that the originator of rock music was Wynonie Harris who developed the rock trend with the help of his album "Good Rocking tonight" in nineteen forty seven.


The evolution of rock started from Britain. The British people set free rock music from the racist clutches and popularized it amongst the common people. The first British rock hit was "Move it" which brought popularity to British Rock. This influenced some imitators who entertained the local people. This imitation evolved as Garage Rock.

The Folk Rock developed as a progressive message of protest. Then the progressive rock and the soft rock, punk rock, arena rock, hard rock and heavy metal came into existence. The diversification of the rock style took place in the eighties which was the glam rock, instrumental rock and the alternative rock which is also known as the Indie movement. At present due to the influence of the Internet many of the old styles are evolving and gaining popularity.

Popularity and Great Artists

Rock music has gained popularity from the day it has come in the music world and till date the popularity of rock music is going on increasing. The popularity of rock music began from 1947 with Wynonie Harris. In the fifties Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Buddy Holly and Gene Vincent became famous rock stars. In Britain in the nineties Elvis Costello, Iron Maiden, R.E.M. and Pink Floyd gained fame as rock stars. At present Game, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, Nelly, Eminem and Jay-Z are famous rock stars.

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