The birthplace of reggae music is Jamaica. This is a particular variety of the Caribbean music which is supposed to be generated during the late 60s. This is often considered to be the most popular form of its species. This is more related to the Jamaican folk tunes with the mix up of American rhythms.

If you try to find out the deepest root of these songs then you need to get back to the 40s where the African folk songs fused with that of Calypso music and the cocktail resulted into another different form called reggae. The stream of Reggae passed through the slums of Jamaica towards the capital city of the country.

Evolution of Reggae

This particular music went through serious evolution and often the various stages gave it a different name and layer which finally ended up into the modern form of reggae. Among the multiple evolutionary faces of reggae the prominent ones are "Mento" and "ska". The mento manifests in metrical, synchronized strumming of guitar associated with the energetic, contemporary lyrics.

The experiments with instruments like bass and drums started in the 1950s and the Jamaican musicians started adding multiple strata to the reggae. After the Rhythm and blues of American got fused with reggae it was named as Ska. It used to deal more with the instruments. Then came the phase when the vocalists started playing a key role in reggae. Rhythm and beats became the new dimension of reggae.

Greatest artists of Reggae

There are quite a number of reggae artists who became extremely popular to the listeners of this type of music. The never forgettable star of reggae was Bob Marley who is considered to be the most impressive and creative performers of reggae. People recognized his talent which gave him extreme success.

Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh were the other two band members of the wailers who also gained recognition for their individual albums. Sizzla, Buju Banton and Capleton earned huge fame as the reggae musicians. The three people who added special characters to the reggae music are Lee Perry, Leslie Kong and Clancy Eccles. They are recognized for their innovation and creativity.

Popularity of Reggae

Reggae has an unquestionable popularity among the dedicated listeners of music. This is simply because of the multiple aspects of this particular form of music. You will find many people who like to hum the reggae tunes whenever they are alone. There were many music producers who recognized this targeted fan following of reggae and produced many albums and records containing solely reggae music. Most of these albums turned to be the best sellers. This accounts for the extreme popularity and appeal of reggae to the audience.

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