Country music

This fine mixture of popular music is called country music. It's a blend of folk music, music of the old times, blues, gospels, etc. In the beginning it was called hillbilly as it was an amalgamation of hill music with the music styles found in the southern region of US. But it was felt that the term hillbilly was degrading so the name was changed to country music in the 1940s. Country music describes a mixture of many genre, style and subgenre. It's the style which is mostly preferred by adult music buyers in the US, and so its sale in the market has never gone down below average.


The origin of country music is from the hills of South America. The music of the hills mixed with the music of the city and gave birth to country music. In the nineteenth century immigrants came to Texas from the European countries like Spain, Germany, Ireland, UK and Italy. These people started interaction with the Americans who were the natives of that place and also interacted with the Mexicans who were already residing in Texas.

The culture that developed through this interaction adopted all the unique traits from the different European cultures. They established a method of interaction by building big dance halls where the people could gather and spend a night dancing and enjoying the company of their neighbors. The dance was either a polka dance or a waltz which had been brought from Europe and the music was played on the accordion which was an Italian musical instrument.


Country music started evolving from nineteen twenty when the phonograph was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. From nineteen twenty four country music started spreading as the hill music was brought down to the people in the cities and the civil war opened the doors to the quietly nestled hill areas where the African rail workers mixed their work song with the hill music.

From the 50s till the 60s it evolved as a new genre with rockabilly a unique style developed by the rockabilly musicians. At present the country music has spread to other countries and more instruments like drums and electric guitar have been introduced which are used by the musicians during their performance.

Popularity and Great Artists

Country music has gained popularity from the time it has evolved. The combination of the hill music with the work song of the African workers and the dance form from Europe has made it popular with the adult people. The great artists of country music are George Strait, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Bob Wills, Riley Pucket, Willie Nelson, Vernon Dalhart, John Denver and Charlie Poole. These were the great artist in the beginning of country music. Some modern day performers include Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw, The Dixie Chicks, Barbara Mandrell, Lonestar and many others.

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