Classical music

Classical music generally means music from around the year 1000 to present day, and has its roots in tradition and culture of the society. It is a very complicated form of music which is not easily understood by all the people. Classical music has been affected by style, genre and historical events. It can take on many kinds of forms but it is not necessary that every form will be enjoyed by everyone in general.

It is mostly preferred by the elite class in the society as the composition of the music is such that it is not comprehended by the common people who do not have the knowledge of this type of music. In it there is no space for improvisation and the old traditional method is followed till date. Though it is complex it has a sweetness of its own which charms the listener and makes him enjoy the music even if the intricacies of the music cannot be followed.

Origin and Evolution

The origin of classical music can be divided into periods which start from the early period that is medieval and renaissance, romantic period and the contemporary or the modern period which also includes the twentieth century classical. Very little is left of the ancient period after that the monophonic song came into existence.

The polyphonic sound became popular in the latter part of the middle age and continued till renaissance period. The polyphonic sound introduced the system of multi voice and musical instruments like the bass instruments. Then came the modern period which was dominated by the composers who opposed many of the ancient traditional forms and incorporated the forms of different periods to give a new form to the twentieth century or present day classical music.

Classical music has cultural durability as it is not only studied but is also preserved at a higher level than any other music. It has also included some elements of popular music and folk music which has given it the charm and sweetness. It evolved with its use in commercial music where the media included it in movies and television.

Special education is provided in classical music as the parents feel that it is a good source to develop self discipline and they also believe that the learning of classical music will give them the base to grasp the other forms of music easily.

Popularity and Great Artists

Though it is said that classical music has lost its importance in the nineteen hundred but still it can be seen that people choose give special education to their children in classical music. The media also uses it to give a special touch of class to their music on television and in movies.

The great artists of classical music are Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Eric Satie, Maurice Ravel, Verdi and many others. In the Indian classical music there are many prominent names in the present day. They are Pandit Jasraj, Bhimshen Joshi, Shobha Mudgal and other classical singers of different Gharanas.

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